NC Chapter of National End the Fed 2012

September 22, 2012 National “End the Fed” rally day: a day in which protestors gathered outside of Federal Reserve establishments across the nation in order to call attention to currency-debasing practices of the Federal Reserve. The rallies came within weeks of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announcing that the Federal Reserve would be implementing a third round of quantitative easing (Q.E.3), a practice with which many of the protestors voiced frustration. Charlotte was home to North Carolina’s chapter of the National End the Fed rally.

North Carolina State House Rep. Glen Bradley stated while addressing the protestors, “(By the Constitution) The value of money is directly attached to public election for a reason. Without it, our savings and our children’s savings are stolen by the inflation tax and we don’t even have a voice. No taxation without representation! I think I’ve heard that before. You would not vote to lay debt upon your own children, and you would not vote to steal the money from your own dollars and give them to the government or to private banks, so YOU are not being represented. The fed’s claim to fame is that it’s private and that it’s secret, so it’s away from all this political pressure. No. It’s been taken away from the voters now.”

Special thanks to a couple of hard-working “unsung” liberty heroes:
Michael Heise, 23-year old organizer of the National End the Fed rally effort and Chuck Suter, North Carolina grassroots organizer of the Charlotte End the Fed rally.

A video of North Carolina protestors calling to “End the Fed! End the Fed!” Thanks to one of the speakers, Nick Williams, for getting this moment on video:

Some of the media from the event:

Here is the link to an album of pictures taken at the Charlotte, NC Chapter of the National End the Fed rally:

Here is the link to Carolina Liberty PAC’s Livestream Channel. Not the best image-wise, but lots of good content from the rally was captured on the livestreams. There are 13 videos from the End the Fed rally alone on the channel:

*New* Link to another album of pictures:

*New* Link to Chuck Suter’s video of Adam Love speaking at End the Fed, check out other videos on his channel RepublicRebels, there are many more of speakers at the event, as well:

Lots more video to come, but here is one already released on our YouTube channel: Ben Bernanke’s brother, Seth Bernanke, crashed our “End the Fed” rally! (Satire):

Charlotte Observer Article:

News 14 Story:–end-the-fed–rally-in-uptown-charlotte

Author: Nicole Revels


Upcoming NC “End the Fed” Rally; Constituents Petition NC Senator to Support Audit the Fed

North Carolina has one senator who has not yet signed on as a cosponsor of S202, a bill to perform a full audit the federal reserve. Kay Hagan also sits on the Senate Banking Committee, the committee responsible for allowing S202 to be heard by the Senate. If the Banking Committee does not allow Audit the Fed to move out of committee, the bill will die this year, having never been heard by the Senate. Hagan’s constituents appeal to her to support an audit of the federal reserve.

Carolina Liberty PAC will be present for the “End the Fed” rally discussed in the video: September 22 at noon across from the federal reserve building in Charlotte, NC. Some of the speakers include: NC State House Rep. Glen Bradley, Campaign for Liberty NC State Coordinator Adam Love, Congressional Candidate Mike Steinberg, Liberty Activist Nick Williams, Ron Paul National Delegate from NC and Veteran Daniel Rufty, and many more!

Liberty girl on Kay Hagan and Senate bill 202 Audit the Fed! from Homegrown Television on Vimeo.

Here are a couple of links mentioned in the video:

Constituents Delivering Petitions to Kay Hagan’s Office:

Article on 16 Trillion Discovered in Partial Audit from Ben Bernanke to Banks and Corporations both Domestic and Foreign! Also see the GAO report:

Note that very little news coverage was given to the startling findings of the GAO Report!

Activists Push to Decriminalize Midwifery in NC

At the North Carolina State Republican Convention held in June of 2012, there was ONE important amendment made to the State Republican Platform. The amendment stated that the North Carolina Republican Party believes in decriminalizing the practice of at-home births performed by certified professional midwives. To learn more about the changes in the platform and how they pertain to the republican viewpoint, the Caldwell County Republican Women’s Club invited a few informed guest speakers to address their group on: general information on the issue, some of the struggles faced by non-nurse midwives in NC, why this is such an important issue for republicans and for anyone concerned with freedom of choice in healthcare as well as the general state of liberty for the people of North Carolina, and the legislative status of decriminalization in NC. Guest Speakers include:

Amanda Lyle : former Chair of the College Republicans at Meredith College, Citizen Activist for decriminalization of midwifery

Chuck Suter : Founder of MidwifeAdvocates.Org and NC State Republican Delegate credited with the proposal of the motion to adopt the platform change on CPM decriminalization

Russ Fawcett : Vice President of North Carolina Friends of Midwives, the group leading the legislative effort on CPM decriminalization

Author: Nicole Revels

North Carolina Liberty Delegate to RNC: Rebecca Christenbury

Ron Paul's oldest delegate to the 2012 RNCRon Paul's oldest delegate to 2012 RNC
Meet Rebecca Christenbury. At 91 years old, Rebecca is the oldest delegate to the entire 2012 Republican National Convention. She is a survivor of Pearl Harbor. She has supported Ron Paul for 30 years, and finally met him on Sunday evening after his “We are the Future” rally. She asked him to run again in 2016. She told him, ‘you’re not too old, take my word for it!’ 😀
Walking toward the convention center, Rebecca ran into some friendly Ron Paul supporters who asked to do a quick interview. I thought it was very cool because Rebecca said that the one thing she forgot to tell Ron Paul when she met him was that she had been a supporter for 30 year, and a few minutes later she was presented with the opportunity to speak to the camera with what she forgot to tell him. Perhaps the video will make its way back around to him, so that she will have been able to let him know, after all!  By the way, the reason we were rushing from the interview is, this was the day that the buses detained the delegates from many states, and some buses simply never showed, so we were extremely late and rushing to get to the convention center. Here is one of the livestreams from her interview with RP folks:

Fox News said this about her: “91-year-old Rebecca Christenbury is a Pearl Harbor survivor and attended her first-ever national political convention. “Life happens,” she explained as to why it took her so long. She gives good reviews to Tampa as host though would have preferred Ron Paul as the GOP nominee.”

Read more:

Author: Nicole Revels

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Photo Albums from RNC 2012 Tampa, FL

Here are links to the pictures that came off of my camera during the 2012 Republican National Convention. I also have lots of livestream videos on my channel. Still working on uploading video from my camcorder.

P.A.U.L. Fest on Friday:

P.A.U.L. Fest Saturday:

Ron Paul’s “We are the Future” Rally/Speech at the Sundome and after party on the beach:

2012 Republican National Convention Day 1:  The day that we had a ten-minute convention procession and our elected state position-holders confused us (that’s a nice way to put it) about their stances on the proposed RNC rule changes:

2012 RNC Convention Day 2: The day the buses detained the delegates and the votes were shown to be scripted:

2012 Republican National Convention Day 3:  The day the delegations walked out chanting, “as Maine goes, so goes the nation.”:

2012 Republican National Convention Day 4:  The day the liberty delegations from each state held a press conference in order to address our grievances with the RNC:

More CORRUPTION at RNC – North Carolina Chairman Robin Hayes Intimidates Delegates Over Rule 16

08/27/2012, the North Carolina delegation to the RNC had a breakfast meeting in which the RNC-proposed amendment to rule 15 (changed to rule 16) was brought up by NC State Republican Committeewoman Ada Fisher. At the time, Fisher voiced that she was opposed to the RNC rule change, which would give presidential candidates veto-authority over RNC delegates elected by the people of individual states. Thom Tillis, speaker of the NC house of reps., also spoke against the rule changes.  Here is a link to one of the videos from the breakfast meeting, after around the 2:20 mark is where Ada specifically denounces the rule changes and the entire room of the NC delegation is in support of her stance on it, applauding:  there are other videos from the same meeting stored on the channel.

Fisher announced that she wanted to conduct another meeting in which the issue could be further discussed. The meeting was scheduled for 3:45 pm same day. At the breakfast meeting, it appeared that NC elected position-holders and the NC delegation were in support of the Minority Report, a proposed measure to counter the rule changes, and opposed to the RNC rule changes. By 3:45, the tone had drastically changed among the elected position-holders.

We showed up to the 3:45 meeting to find that Fisher had not even bothered to come to her own meeting. Thom Tillis was present, but remained quiet and certainly didn’t voice an opinion on the rule changes one way or another. NC Chairman Robin Hayes immediately opened the meeting by telling the delegation that he was OPPOSED to the Minority Report, and wanted all of the delegation to support the rule changes, telling them that their “leaders” wanted the rule changes, and that they needed to “support their leaders.”

I began filming because I was startled by this drastic change in tone. When the video starts, Hayes is discussing the fact that Morton Blackwell, member of the VA delegation, author of the minority report, and senior member of the RNC rules committee, was present to give a presentation in support of the Minority Report.  Robin Hayes stated that HE did NOT invite Blackwell to our meeting, that someone else had done that. Hayes asked two NC members of the RNC rules committee to come in and discuss the rule changes (both of whom had voted to PASS the RNC rule change). Hayes was irritated by Blackwell’s presence there, and later in the video he let it be known.

After Blackwell gave an explanation as to why the rule change was an expansive power-grab which intrudes upon states’ rights and impedes upon the ability to conduct fair elections, Chairman Hayes asks him to leave the room. After Blackwell leaves, Hayes begins to discredit Blackwell, saying that his presentation was simply an opinion, and discusses the fact that he is unhappy with someone inviting Blackwell without consulting with him first. Had it not been for Blackwell being there, there would have been no scheduled Minority Report proponent speakers present to give a counter argument to the speakers that Hayes asked to be present.

Over the course of the video, the fact that I have a camera in the room is brought up a few different times. Each time, the hostility over the camera is escalated. Chairman Hayes makes the insinuation that I could be an infiltrator who would doctor the video or take it out of context, and leak it to liberal media to make the RNC look bad. During these insinuations (as well as one threat to sick Chris Christie on me), most of the NC delegation is applauding and cheering him in his bullying. There was a lot of pressure on me to turn the camera off.

After Hayes began to assess the level of support and opposition for his position, he takes a poll of who in the room is a delegate, who is an alternate, and who is a guest. There was stronger support for the minority report among the alternates and guests than among the delegates.  He later holds a vote on the position that NC delegation will stand in support of the rule changes, and says that only the delegates may participate in the vote. He then tells them that Mitt Romney wants them to support the rule changes, he asks them in a confusing manner how they vote on the matter, points them out individually and asks if they support their chairman, tells those who DO NOT support their chairman to raise their hands, a few very brave folks raise their hands, and he then says that all of the rest of our entire group of registered DELEGATES (MANY OF OUR DELEGATES TO THE CONVENTION WERE NOT EVEN PRESENT FOR THE MEETING) were in SUPPORT of the rule changes.

Around 56:00 in, “It is my intention as your elected chairman to vote this delegation with the leadership against the minority report. If there are a majority of you who are opposed to doing that, raise your hand. Mitt Romney does not want that to happen” Robin Hayes   “You’re for Robin, or you’re against Robin. If you’re against Robin, raise your hand.”

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