NC Chapter of National End the Fed 2012

September 22, 2012 National “End the Fed” rally day: a day in which protestors gathered outside of Federal Reserve establishments across the nation in order to call attention to currency-debasing practices of the Federal Reserve. The rallies came within weeks of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announcing that the Federal Reserve would be implementing a third round of quantitative easing (Q.E.3), a practice with which many of the protestors voiced frustration. Charlotte was home to North Carolina’s chapter of the National End the Fed rally.

North Carolina State House Rep. Glen Bradley stated while addressing the protestors, “(By the Constitution) The value of money is directly attached to public election for a reason. Without it, our savings and our children’s savings are stolen by the inflation tax and we don’t even have a voice. No taxation without representation! I think I’ve heard that before. You would not vote to lay debt upon your own children, and you would not vote to steal the money from your own dollars and give them to the government or to private banks, so YOU are not being represented. The fed’s claim to fame is that it’s private and that it’s secret, so it’s away from all this political pressure. No. It’s been taken away from the voters now.”

Special thanks to a couple of hard-working “unsung” liberty heroes:
Michael Heise, 23-year old organizer of the National End the Fed rally effort and Chuck Suter, North Carolina grassroots organizer of the Charlotte End the Fed rally.

A video of North Carolina protestors calling to “End the Fed! End the Fed!” Thanks to one of the speakers, Nick Williams, for getting this moment on video:

Some of the media from the event:

Here is the link to an album of pictures taken at the Charlotte, NC Chapter of the National End the Fed rally:

Here is the link to Carolina Liberty PAC’s Livestream Channel. Not the best image-wise, but lots of good content from the rally was captured on the livestreams. There are 13 videos from the End the Fed rally alone on the channel:

*New* Link to another album of pictures:

*New* Link to Chuck Suter’s video of Adam Love speaking at End the Fed, check out other videos on his channel RepublicRebels, there are many more of speakers at the event, as well:

Lots more video to come, but here is one already released on our YouTube channel: Ben Bernanke’s brother, Seth Bernanke, crashed our “End the Fed” rally! (Satire):

Charlotte Observer Article:

News 14 Story:–end-the-fed–rally-in-uptown-charlotte

Author: Nicole Revels


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