Upcoming NC “End the Fed” Rally; Constituents Petition NC Senator to Support Audit the Fed

North Carolina has one senator who has not yet signed on as a cosponsor of S202, a bill to perform a full audit the federal reserve. Kay Hagan also sits on the Senate Banking Committee, the committee responsible for allowing S202 to be heard by the Senate. If the Banking Committee does not allow Audit the Fed to move out of committee, the bill will die this year, having never been heard by the Senate. Hagan’s constituents appeal to her to support an audit of the federal reserve.

Carolina Liberty PAC will be present for the “End the Fed” rally discussed in the video: September 22 at noon across from the federal reserve building in Charlotte, NC. Some of the speakers include: NC State House Rep. Glen Bradley, Campaign for Liberty NC State Coordinator Adam Love, Congressional Candidate Mike Steinberg, Liberty Activist Nick Williams, Ron Paul National Delegate from NC and Veteran Daniel Rufty, and many more!

Liberty girl on Kay Hagan and Senate bill 202 Audit the Fed! from Homegrown Television on Vimeo.

Here are a couple of links mentioned in the video:

Constituents Delivering Petitions to Kay Hagan’s Office: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi5M-46G2vQ&feature=youtu.be

Article on 16 Trillion Discovered in Partial Audit from Ben Bernanke to Banks and Corporations both Domestic and Foreign! Also see the GAO report:

Note that very little news coverage was given to the startling findings of the GAO Report!


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