Activists Push to Decriminalize Midwifery in NC

At the North Carolina State Republican Convention held in June of 2012, there was ONE important amendment made to the State Republican Platform. The amendment stated that the North Carolina Republican Party believes in decriminalizing the practice of at-home births performed by certified professional midwives. To learn more about the changes in the platform and how they pertain to the republican viewpoint, the Caldwell County Republican Women’s Club invited a few informed guest speakers to address their group on: general information on the issue, some of the struggles faced by non-nurse midwives in NC, why this is such an important issue for republicans and for anyone concerned with freedom of choice in healthcare as well as the general state of liberty for the people of North Carolina, and the legislative status of decriminalization in NC. Guest Speakers include:

Amanda Lyle : former Chair of the College Republicans at Meredith College, Citizen Activist for decriminalization of midwifery

Chuck Suter : Founder of MidwifeAdvocates.Org and NC State Republican Delegate credited with the proposal of the motion to adopt the platform change on CPM decriminalization

Russ Fawcett : Vice President of North Carolina Friends of Midwives, the group leading the legislative effort on CPM decriminalization

Author: Nicole Revels


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