North Carolina Liberty Delegate to RNC: Rebecca Christenbury

Ron Paul's oldest delegate to the 2012 RNCRon Paul's oldest delegate to 2012 RNC
Meet Rebecca Christenbury. At 91 years old, Rebecca is the oldest delegate to the entire 2012 Republican National Convention. She is a survivor of Pearl Harbor. She has supported Ron Paul for 30 years, and finally met him on Sunday evening after his “We are the Future” rally. She asked him to run again in 2016. She told him, ‘you’re not too old, take my word for it!’ 😀
Walking toward the convention center, Rebecca ran into some friendly Ron Paul supporters who asked to do a quick interview. I thought it was very cool because Rebecca said that the one thing she forgot to tell Ron Paul when she met him was that she had been a supporter for 30 year, and a few minutes later she was presented with the opportunity to speak to the camera with what she forgot to tell him. Perhaps the video will make its way back around to him, so that she will have been able to let him know, after all!  By the way, the reason we were rushing from the interview is, this was the day that the buses detained the delegates from many states, and some buses simply never showed, so we were extremely late and rushing to get to the convention center. Here is one of the livestreams from her interview with RP folks:

Fox News said this about her: “91-year-old Rebecca Christenbury is a Pearl Harbor survivor and attended her first-ever national political convention. “Life happens,” she explained as to why it took her so long. She gives good reviews to Tampa as host though would have preferred Ron Paul as the GOP nominee.”

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Author: Nicole Revels


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