Oklahoma Ron Paul Delegate-Hopefuls to RNC: Credentials Appeal Denied


Last night, a major upset occurred in which a majority of the RNC delegates from Maine, elected by their state republican party, were decredentialed and new delegates from Maine were chosen to replace them as delegates to the RNC (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQvszfnOSY8). The credentials committee’s argument for the action seems to be that the original delegates of Maine, who are Ron Paul supporters, were elected by illegitimate terms at their state’s convention. Directly after that ruling was made, delegate-hopefuls from Oklahoma, attempting to gain their credentials under the same argument (that the delegates originally voted in were elected under illegitimate terms), had their appeal heard and were denied their credentials in a ruling made by committee today which appears to be the complete opposite of the decision made in the Maine case. Those who were denied their delegate credentials from Oklahoma were also supporters of Ron Paul. The credentials committee’s argument for not unseating the Oklahoma delegates? That it didn’t matter if the terms under which they were elected were legitimate or not, it didn’t have an impact on their delegate status. A complete OPPOSITE ruling from that of the Maine delegates-ruling which occurred shortly before the Oklahoma appeal was heard.

Here is a video showing one of the Oklahoma delegate-hopefuls who was not credentialed, Qadoshyah Fish, discussing the matter around 6pm tonight:



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