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More CORRUPTION at RNC – North Carolina Chairman Robin Hayes Intimidates Delegates Over Rule 16

08/27/2012, the North Carolina delegation to the RNC had a breakfast meeting in which the RNC-proposed amendment to rule 15 (changed to rule 16) was brought up by NC State Republican Committeewoman Ada Fisher. At the time, Fisher voiced that she was opposed to the RNC rule change, which would give presidential candidates veto-authority over RNC delegates elected by the people of individual states. Thom Tillis, speaker of the NC house of reps., also spoke against the rule changes.  Here is a link to one of the videos from the breakfast meeting, after around the 2:20 mark is where Ada specifically denounces the rule changes and the entire room of the NC delegation is in support of her stance on it, applauding:  there are other videos from the same meeting stored on the channel.

Fisher announced that she wanted to conduct another meeting in which the issue could be further discussed. The meeting was scheduled for 3:45 pm same day. At the breakfast meeting, it appeared that NC elected position-holders and the NC delegation were in support of the Minority Report, a proposed measure to counter the rule changes, and opposed to the RNC rule changes. By 3:45, the tone had drastically changed among the elected position-holders.

We showed up to the 3:45 meeting to find that Fisher had not even bothered to come to her own meeting. Thom Tillis was present, but remained quiet and certainly didn’t voice an opinion on the rule changes one way or another. NC Chairman Robin Hayes immediately opened the meeting by telling the delegation that he was OPPOSED to the Minority Report, and wanted all of the delegation to support the rule changes, telling them that their “leaders” wanted the rule changes, and that they needed to “support their leaders.”

I began filming because I was startled by this drastic change in tone. When the video starts, Hayes is discussing the fact that Morton Blackwell, member of the VA delegation, author of the minority report, and senior member of the RNC rules committee, was present to give a presentation in support of the Minority Report.  Robin Hayes stated that HE did NOT invite Blackwell to our meeting, that someone else had done that. Hayes asked two NC members of the RNC rules committee to come in and discuss the rule changes (both of whom had voted to PASS the RNC rule change). Hayes was irritated by Blackwell’s presence there, and later in the video he let it be known.

After Blackwell gave an explanation as to why the rule change was an expansive power-grab which intrudes upon states’ rights and impedes upon the ability to conduct fair elections, Chairman Hayes asks him to leave the room. After Blackwell leaves, Hayes begins to discredit Blackwell, saying that his presentation was simply an opinion, and discusses the fact that he is unhappy with someone inviting Blackwell without consulting with him first. Had it not been for Blackwell being there, there would have been no scheduled Minority Report proponent speakers present to give a counter argument to the speakers that Hayes asked to be present.

Over the course of the video, the fact that I have a camera in the room is brought up a few different times. Each time, the hostility over the camera is escalated. Chairman Hayes makes the insinuation that I could be an infiltrator who would doctor the video or take it out of context, and leak it to liberal media to make the RNC look bad. During these insinuations (as well as one threat to sick Chris Christie on me), most of the NC delegation is applauding and cheering him in his bullying. There was a lot of pressure on me to turn the camera off.

After Hayes began to assess the level of support and opposition for his position, he takes a poll of who in the room is a delegate, who is an alternate, and who is a guest. There was stronger support for the minority report among the alternates and guests than among the delegates.  He later holds a vote on the position that NC delegation will stand in support of the rule changes, and says that only the delegates may participate in the vote. He then tells them that Mitt Romney wants them to support the rule changes, he asks them in a confusing manner how they vote on the matter, points them out individually and asks if they support their chairman, tells those who DO NOT support their chairman to raise their hands, a few very brave folks raise their hands, and he then says that all of the rest of our entire group of registered DELEGATES (MANY OF OUR DELEGATES TO THE CONVENTION WERE NOT EVEN PRESENT FOR THE MEETING) were in SUPPORT of the rule changes.

Around 56:00 in, “It is my intention as your elected chairman to vote this delegation with the leadership against the minority report. If there are a majority of you who are opposed to doing that, raise your hand. Mitt Romney does not want that to happen” Robin Hayes   “You’re for Robin, or you’re against Robin. If you’re against Robin, raise your hand.”

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CORRUPTION EXPOSED: Shenanigans at the RNC on Tuesday, 08/28/2012

What you see in the media does not always accurately portray how things happened. See these two livestreams.  Also look at the other streams on my channel, there are many significant videos showing what is happening here:



Oklahoma Ron Paul Delegate-Hopefuls to RNC: Credentials Appeal Denied


Last night, a major upset occurred in which a majority of the RNC delegates from Maine, elected by their state republican party, were decredentialed and new delegates from Maine were chosen to replace them as delegates to the RNC ( The credentials committee’s argument for the action seems to be that the original delegates of Maine, who are Ron Paul supporters, were elected by illegitimate terms at their state’s convention. Directly after that ruling was made, delegate-hopefuls from Oklahoma, attempting to gain their credentials under the same argument (that the delegates originally voted in were elected under illegitimate terms), had their appeal heard and were denied their credentials in a ruling made by committee today which appears to be the complete opposite of the decision made in the Maine case. Those who were denied their delegate credentials from Oklahoma were also supporters of Ron Paul. The credentials committee’s argument for not unseating the Oklahoma delegates? That it didn’t matter if the terms under which they were elected were legitimate or not, it didn’t have an impact on their delegate status. A complete OPPOSITE ruling from that of the Maine delegates-ruling which occurred shortly before the Oklahoma appeal was heard.

Here is a video showing one of the Oklahoma delegate-hopefuls who was not credentialed, Qadoshyah Fish, discussing the matter around 6pm tonight:

Thom Tillis on NC Nullification, Solution to ObamaCare: Elect Romney

July 24, 2012 Mecklenburg CountyYoung Republicans Group Meeting

Speaker of the NC State House, Thom Tillis, is asked by activist Scott Jordan specifically about STATES RIGHT TO NULLIFICATION on the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “ObamaCare”)

Mr. Tillis’ reactionary response to the question is that his hopes for defeating President Obama’s healthcare bill lie in Mitt Romney being elected to the presidency.

He goes on to discuss HB2, ultimately a failed resolution, directing the NC Attorney General to drop lawsuits prohibiting NC from participating in the Supreme Court case regarding the constitutionality of the healthcare bill. Proponents of HB2 claim that the resolution would have essentially nullified ObamaCare, had it gone into effect, however, it is said to have been a “symbolic” nullification, as the bill had no specific penalties on federal agencies attempting to enforce aspects of the healthcare bill.

Mr. Tillis’ Romney solution is a FEDERAL one. Make no mistake, the answer for North Carolina to defeat ObamaCare lies in invoking our STATE’S RIGHT to NULLIFICATION.

Do NOT let our legislators continue to PASS THE BUCK on this issue, by pinning the hopes for defeating ObamaCare on SOMEONE ELSE. Let the state representatives know that their first and foremost, their SOLE purpose, is that of REPRESENTATION.

Don’t just sit at home mad over individual mandates and job-killing legislation coming to North Carolina, and hope that someone else will do something about it. Take it upon yourself to be the change. Sign the nullification petition, and then CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS and tell them that you did your part, now it’s time for them to do theirs. Now that the Supreme Court has made it’s ruling, it’s time for NC to take a different approach to defeating ObamaCare, a NON-SYMBOLIC NULLIFICATION BILL.

Ask your legislators: Will YOU sponsor or cosponsor legislation for state nullification? Will YOU pressure every single member to hear and vote to pass nullification measures?

Mr. Tillis’ statement leads us to believe that the only measure he is now counting on to stop Obamacare is to attempt to get Mitt Romney elected. Even IF Mitt Romney becomes the next president, which is a big IF, that does not guarantee that he would even be able to repeal! We would need the house and senate to cooperate. That method of stopping ObamaCare hinges upon too many factors. Why is a STATE-LEVEL speaker relying on the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to do what the people of North Carolina want? They have the power to take STATE action on ObamaCare through invoking our RIGHT to NULLIFICATION. Don’t put all hopes in a federal-level REPEAL. We can be much more effective when we attempt measures closer to home: NULLIFY!

NULLIFY! Sign the petition, call your representatives, then call Thom Tillis personally and ask him WHY he is depending on other people to fix a problem when another solution is directly within his power.


This is the North Carolina Tenth Amendment Center Petition, NOT MY PETITION, sign it here:

Conservatives Against UNconstitutional Wars Rally Charlotte, NC

Photos from the Conservatives Against UNconstitutional Wars Rally. Keynote speaker was Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson.

Charlotte Observer covered the event:

For videos from the rally, and to learn more about the group and the cause, visit:

Why a Charlotte Rally Against Unconstitutional Wars?

We must bring the accountability back when it comes to our money and our lives.  U.S. taxpayers have not had a say in our tax dollars being delegated toward aggressive acts since the last war declaration was made in 1942. Our representation lies in congressional approval. Currently, debt is being saddled upon our children and grandchildren at the rate of 19.3 MILLION dollars per HOUR, for war acts which have no congressional approval and which we, the people, do not consent.

U.S. military involvement in aggressions upon Libya, controlled by the authority of the United Nations and eventually ended under the authority of the UN, has been the subject of scrutiny from U.S. citizens yearning for a return to a government restrained by the confines of the U.S. Constitution.

Last month, after pentagon officials began to finalize plans for yet another uncongressionally-declared act of aggression, escalating plans to launch an attack on Syria, Congressman Ron Paul addressed the question, from where is the authority for violence in the name of the U.S. taxpayers to come? Paul stated, “Since World War II, the proper authority to go to war has been ignored. It has been replaced by international entities like the United Nations and NATO, or the President himself, while ignoring the Congress.”

The idea that the executive administration believes itself untethered by such inconveniences as having to obtain congressional authority is no exaggeration. In March of this year, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta acknowledged, before a hearing of the armed services committee, that UN approval indeed holds greater precedence on U.S. military decisions than would the approval or disapproval of our own congress. In response to being questioned as to whether or not the president would be able to act without congressional approval to initiate a no-fly zone in Syria, Panetta replied, “Our goal would be to seek international permission and we would come to the congress to inform you … whether or not we would want to get permission from congress, I think those are issues we would have to discuss as we decide what to do.

When further asked by Senator Jeff Sessions whether or not the president would perform acts of U.S. interest if the UN did not agree, Panetta responded, “we would like to have some kind of legal basis in which to do it, as we did in Libya.

What “legal basis” does Mr. Panetta believe the president had for the U.S. military engaging in acts of war against Libya, when the only authority to do so came from a UN security council resolution? As Senator Sessions put it, “I’m really baffled by the idea that somehow an international assembly provides a legal basis for the United States military to be deployed in combat. I don’t believe that’s close to being correct. They provide NO legal authority. The only legal authority … to deploy the United States military is the congress and the president and the law and the constitution

It is time to remind the executive administration that the United States is a sovereign entity. On July 21, we’re taking it to the streets and hope that everyone who agrees that we should not be sending our troops to die in war without so much as a congressional declaration of war, everyone who agrees that we shouldn’t be forced to engage in labor to provide for “nation building” in other countries or for drones to spy on us here at home, everyone who agrees that the U.S. needs to get out of the UN and the UN needs to get out of the U.S., will come out with your picnic blankets, chairs, flags, signs, and families, to rally with the Charlotte liberty crew, Gary Johnson, Richard Rivette, Dean Sisco, TMOT, Vince Coakley, and many more phenomenal guests.

Author: Nicole Revels